Testing, Testing

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From this academic year ICS are joining other top international schools by introducing the world’s leading student tests from GL.   GL Assessment, a UK based organisation are rapidly becoming the company of choice for student testing both in the UK and across the world.  We are very fortunate at ICS to have one of the leading proponents of the use of GL tests, Mr Matthew Savage our new Secondary Headteacher  Mr Savage regularly leads international workshops for GL and writes widely on the effective use of student data to enhance the quality of learning and teaching.  For more information on the GL Assessment and the efficacy of tests on student outcomes, please read Mr Savage’s most rent article for GL below.



APP’y New Year

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I am delighted to announce that the new school App is now available to download to your mobile device.  Currently the App is limited to general information but we hope that once it is fully functional in a few weeks time, it will greatly enhance home-school communication.  To download the App please go to schools VLE Homepage and click on the relevant App link.

Snow Day Dilemma

Now that the weather is getting colder the school is starting to make preparations to ensure students can access class work online via the ICS VLE if the school needs to close for snow.  Indeed at our staff training day yesterday (Saturday 5th December) the teachers spent a session on how to ensure quality and consistency of VLE work.  In the Primary school we aim to have a Bad Weather Work icon (a Snowman) on the VLE which the teachers will start populating before and after Christmas so that relevant and purposeful school work is available to students immediately should school have to close.  In the Secondary school the new ‘Showmyhomework’ system will also enable teachers to upload work quickly and efficiently; and also to monitor and mark it.

I know that some parents often get very worried if school has to close for bad weather because they are concerned that it will negatively impact their children’s education. Therefore the ability for students to access work from home online is very helpful.  However other parents believe that if school is closed because of snow then children should be able to take advantage of the weather and go out and play rather than stay in and work.

However regardless of your opinion regarding school closure days due to bad weather you should find this article of interest:


Doodle Maths Masterclass

Well done to Mr Durrington one of our Year 4 teachers for recommending the “DoodleMaths” app which has now been purchased by the school.  DoodleMaths has very quickly become a favourite among our Primary students and it is also drawing praise from parents for helping to motivate and encourage their children to learn maths.  Apart from making maths fun the DoodleMaths app also publishes the name and school of students who get the highest scores in the world – called DoodleStars.  We are very proud to say that two of our students have already become DoodleStars including Ibrahim who was 2nd in the world last week with 925 points.  This week we had two DoodleStar students in the top 15 in the world – Ibrahim again in 6th place with 849 points and Ammaar who achieved 12th place with 571 points – well done to both students. Given the excitement and enthusiasm being generated by DoodleMaths, I am sure it won’t be long until we see many more ICS student names among the DoodleStars lists.

This week's top DoodlersDoodle1doodle3

Salsa Six

Well done to Salsa (Year 6) who managed the almost impossible task of gaining six behaviour points in one day!  Salsa’s teacher Mrs Brasington was full of praise for her model student and felt Salsa’s achievement deserved proper recognition.  Therefore I was given the honour of presenting Salsa with her ‘+6’ Certificate.   Congratulations Salsa we are all very proud to have such a very “kind and supportive” student at ICS


Top Marks

We are excited and very proud to announce that students from ICS gained an amazing twenty-seven Queen Rania Outstanding Achievement Awards this year, 2015.


Our top performing student Erin Mayfield Howsen gained an outstandng seven awards including one for joint 5th place in the Top 10 in the World for GCSE French; four awards for being Top in Country in the international GCSEs for Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Physics; and one award for high achievement in IGCSE English.  Furthermore Jongyun Kil was awarded joint 5th place in the Top 10 in the World for the international GCSE in Mathematics A.


In addition, two of our students were placed in the Top 10 in the World for French GCSE  –  Sarah Laafia gained joint 4th place; and Emina Lotter was placed joint 8th.  Tala Abu Shariha was also in the Top 10 in the World for GCSE Arabic, gaining 8th spot  – and she also achieved Top in Country for the same exam.  Yasma Qirreh was granted a high achievement award for being Top in Country for AS Literature in English; and Nurfarah Zakri also gained a high achievement for being Top in Country for IGCSE History.

Other ICS students gaining Queen Rania awards this year included Hana Ingram for being Top in Country for AL English in Literature; and Emma Faverio for being Top in Country in IGCSE Literature (English). Three ICS students Seyed Insaf, Amber Jenevizian and Boulus Abu Joudom all gained awards as Pearson Edexcel Advanced Level 3A Winners.  Amber also came Top in Country for GCE AS Level Further Maths.  Another ICS student, Zaid Al Deen achieved Top in Country in GCE AS Level Economics.  There were two further awards in the Top 10 in the World category for GCSE French for Haneen Khano (joint 2nd place) and Alexandra Gordon-Gibson who came joint 8th place.  Haneen also gained Top in Country for the same exam.

Congratulations to all the students who gained Queen Rania Awards this year – and also to all of their teachers at ICS who helped develop their academic talent.

Furry Friends

Congratulations to Kyla. Aaliya, Klara, Carlota, Matilda, Hiro, Rose, Tamara and Sarah for raising over 300JD for The Humane Center for Animal Welfare.  The school received a letter of thanks from Margaret Ledger, Director General of the organisation in which she wrote; “Given that various good causes compete for limited resources we are especially grateful to your students for thinking of the welfare of our fellow creatures.”  Margaret also thanked our Year 1/2 teacher Nicola Wells for her “guidance and inspiration”.  Well done to everyone involved for their excellent efforts and kindness towards animals.

Animla Welfare

The Art of Charity

I was delighted to accompany Mr Murphy (Deputy Head of Secondary), Ms Shahzada (Head of Art) and four of our Secondary students to AHS (The Al-Hussein Society) last week to present a cheque for 1800JD raised from the annual ICS Charity Art Exhibition.
AHS is a non-governmental organization working in the field of physical challenges. It was established in 1971 when it began its services aiding government-run orphanages. Once involved in a volunteer program, it became aware of the need to address the lack of services for those with physical challenges. Thus over the years, it evolved into the leading organization in Jordan providing rehabilitation and educational services to children and adults with physical challenges.  
The students presented the cheque to HRH Princess Majda Raad, President of AHS and afterward were given a tour by the Princess.  It was a very rewarding and enriching experience for everyone and enhanced our understanding of the excellent work carried out by AHS .  It also helped to emphasize to both teachers and students just how important donations like the one from ICS are to AHS in helping to support children with physical challenges.  Congratulations to everyone involved.